Top 3 beaches op Bali (ENG)

The good news though, there are some beautiful Maldives look a like coastlines, you just have to know where to find them! That’s why I made this top 3 Bali beaches for you. I’m sure I will update this post in a while, or write another Bali beaches item, because I haven’t seen them all yet. More treasures to discover, lucky me! All the 3 Bali beaches I wrote about are located in the south of Bali Uluwatu area. It’s an 60 to 80 minute drive from Canggu, depending if you’re traveling by car or motorbike. Traveling by car always takes more time because of the traffic, when you’re traveling by motorbike you can skip the traffic jams better. Plus, it’s a lot more fun to drive yourself. I know not everybody shares this opinion with me, but at least give it a try. Be careful, wear a helmet, and it’ll be just fine!


Bingin Beach is the most recreational beach of the 3 because there are restaurants, bars and warungs. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not super touristic and crowded. So when you need a day of relaxation, Bingin will serve you well. Bingin beach is also a great surfing spot. It has a sandy coastline which leads into a rocky one. You might consider bringing some rubber shoes if you have them.

When you want to stay in Uluwatu area, here you’ll find some good guesthouses located at the cliff. You don’t necessarily need to book anything upfront, there’s always a room free. There’s no need to bring food or liquids yourself. While going to the other beaches, you need to do some shopping upfront.

Done and hungry? Bukit Café is a nice place to have dinner, you can click if you want to read the food review I wrote. The Cashew Tree is located in Bingin, it’s also a restaurant and they own this small Yoga Shala. For those who’re interested in joining a class: Pilou (also a Dutchie!) is teaching yoga there. At this very moment they are building a Muay Thai-Yoga-Fitness center. It opened March ’17, have a look when you’re around! Want to follow Pilou? Check her Insta and Facebook: LivingLaVidaYogaLove.


This is kind of a hidden beach. Although more people seemed to have discovered it. Driving through Uluwatu area can be quite hard because sometimes Google Maps loses track. But this will be your tracking point: the sign across the way that says Thomas Homestay. Go there, park your motorbike and walk down the stairs. It’s a tough one, but not quite as hard as the one at Nyang Nyang beach.

When you want a Robinson Crusoe experience, just walk past the coastline. The more you walk, the more quite it gets.


This will be the most physically challenging beach visit of them all. You have to walk down (and later up) a huge rocky cliff. Yes, they made something that kind of looks like a stairway, but it’s more like a climb. It’s doable though! And good for the but. ? Once you made your way down, I’m convinced that you’ll be mesmerized by the beauty of the beach. And when you look above, at where you came from, the view is madness. The picures of me in this post were taken at Nyang Nyang. This is another stupid proces I’m in right now, feeling comfortable by having my picture taken. And later sharing it too. I don’t know why I have problems with that but I’m getting there. I’m sharing my thoughts so I might as well share my appearance too since it’s a part of me.

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