Digital Nomads Festival In Bansko 2022

Digital Nomads Festival In Bansko 2022

I recently had the pleasure of attending the Digital Nomads Festival in Bansko, and let me tell you, it was one heck of an experience. From the get-go, I was blown away by the fantastic networking opportunities available. I met so many like-minded individuals, all sharing their experiences and insights about the digital nomad lifestyle.

But it wasn’t just about making new friends; the festival was packed with inspirational talks and lectures, all geared toward helping us succeed in our chosen field. And when we weren’t busy learning or networking, there were plenty of activities to keep us entertained. Overall, the Digital Nomads Festival in Bansko was a fantastic experience that I would recommend to any fellow nomads out there.

So what did we have at the festival?

Morning lectures

Six days of excellent morning lectures for four consecutive hours – with the best lecturers in the nomadic world.

Informal sessions

Dozens of informal sessions on behalf of the conference participants: crypto, investments in index funds, a tour of houses for real estate investors, a meeting of community managers, classes in graphic design \ content creation \ photography \ yoga, and even tantra (for beginners of course).

Activities & Attractions

Activities and attractions like: horseback riding, ATVs, football, rafting, hiking, volleyball, karaoke, bonfire, hot springs and pool, and more.

football game
A football game that I unfortunately lost


High-level networking, with fascinating people from 41 countries in the world, who have amazing stories and long nomadic mileage, and plenty of experience.

Me and my freinds
Doing some networking

The highlight of the festival is of course the people who came to it. 

A thought that crossed my mind

Although the people, the attractions, the low cost of living, and the super tasty Banitza.

There was something else that is important to note:


Slowly and gradually, an international, high-quality, and broad-minded ecosystem of digital nomads and people who define themselves as Location Independent – from all over the world – has been created here. 

It’s going to be a developed, sophisticated, and effective ecosystem that will find the solutions to the most significant challenges we face: communication, internet, insurance, financial independence, and even finding a relationship.

It is an ecosystem that is divided into niches and sub-niches of teachers, consultants, instructors, personal trainers, insurance companies, content creators, developers, programmers, designers, people who build shared work and living spaces, experts in taxation, second citizenship, financial independence, personal empowerment, Business development, social media, storytelling, finding remote work and more.

Even an application and community for finding a relationship for nomads already exists.

This ecosystem is growing – and this is just the beginning.

This ecosystem is expected to spread and gain momentum in dozens more countries in the next decade, and attract people from all over the world – who are tired of the abrasive routine of work-traffic-at-home, and want to see the world, expand their horizons, and dare.

Now that the world is finally reopening, and the laws of the employment market are being rewritten – more and more people will choose this way of life.

As evidence, last year about 330 people came to the festival in Bansko; this year, 550 arrived – an increase of 66 percent!

In addition, Since the beginning of the Coronavirus two and a half years ago, the community of digital nomads in Israel (The community I participate in) has grown by several thousand participants.

The community receives dozens, if not hundreds of join requests every day. This means that a large part of the community consists of beginners, those who are interested, and those who are considering – people who are having fun with this way of life and don’t know how and where to start.

If you are in this place, I strongly recommend that you place your starting point at some digital nomad festival.

This is a great opportunity to get to know the people who promote this international movement behind the scenes. 

This is an opportunity to get inspiration for new goals, masterminds, tips and recommendations, unique tools and aids – and sit down for a drink with the people who developed them.

It is also an opportunity to integrate into this world professionally, and make a living from it.

There is no better place to start in my opinion.

Thanks you!


I want to thank Mathias, who initiated, raised, and built the nomadic community of Bansko – literally from scratch.

Until three years ago, Bansko was known as a remote ski town on the eastern edge of Europe.

Mathias, the master behind the festival, turned Bansko into a small empire.

I want to thank all the people who came here, took part, contributed, participated, spoke, made connections, and said a loud YES! to the world of work and the new way of life.

The next festival will be in June 2023 – but you can buy the tickets now, or go to other nomadic festivals in the world.

Until then, have a pleasant landing.

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