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Hi, I’m Yoav, an entrepreneur and SEO expert from Israel.

My blog is all about digital nomads – those who are already living the dream and those wanting to be.

Whether you’re already a digital nomad or just starting to explore the idea of independence and nomadism, my blog has everything you need to know: from finding remote work to tips for staying productive and healthy on the go.

I hope to create value for people through my blog, and I’m always happy to chat and connect with other digital nomads or those who are curious about this lifestyle. So, feel free to message me whenever you want!

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Digital Nomads - Tips & Tricks

Here I share practical advice based on my own experiences as a digital nomad, along with insights from experts in different fields. Whether you’re a new or seasoned nomad, you’ll find helpful resources here to thrive on the road.


How To Become a Digital Nomad?

Here, I offer a range of informative articles and guides designed to help you take the first steps towards a location-independent lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to find a remote job that suits your skills and interests or seeking tips for making the transition to the digital nomad lifestyle, you’ll find plenty of useful insights and advice here.

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